Co-Director of SJGR
Co-Director of Sanctuary Paranormal:

Dave Juliano
Philadelphia, PA

“My main goal is to assist anyone that is in fear of spirit activity in their home.”  Dave founded the first paranormal website on the internet in 1994, The Shadowlands: Ghosts and Hauntings.   He is the author of Positive Energy for Haunted Homes, Ghost Research 101: Investigating Haunted Homes, Armor of God..  He has been researching ghosts for over 38 years his primary area of focus is demonology and deliverance/exorcism. He has consulted on thousands of cases.  He grew up in a haunted house for over 29 years and experience normal spirit activity and demonic activity. His background is in law enforcement and private investigations. He is a graduate of the Cape May County Police Academy and he has also majored in History and World Religions.  He is an ordained Independent Catholic Priest. He has also teaches Ghost Research 101® and other classes at The GhostHunter Store ® which he owns.  He personal website is:

Co-Director of SJGR
Co-Director of Sanctuary Paranormal:

Pat Kibby

Having founded another team in 2010, Pat joined Sanctuary Paranormal in 2016 to advance her knowledge of the paranormal to include hauntings of a more negative type, and to help those who are suffering and have nowhere else to turn. Pat received her Bachelors of Science degree from Centenary University in 2014, attaining the honor of Summa cum laude. She is currently employed by Integra Life Sciences as a Sr. Supply Chain planner, in which she has 30 years of experience. She has attended the Rhine Institute, taking classes in parapsychology and consciousness and has attended training about the Demonic with a Catholic priest. She is the former host of ‘Famously Haunted’, a radio show on LiveParanormal Radio and is a wife and mother too!

Executive Coordinator of SJGR

Roseanne Balliet
Pennsgrove NJ
SJGR and Sanctuary Paranormal Certified Investigator

Roseanne is a certified veterinary assistant and is working on being a licensed pharmacy technician as well.  ” I became interested in the paranormal when I was young and set out on a personal journey to find my own answers because there was so much skepticism on the topic. When I found those answers I decided I wanted to help people find their own answers however possible. That’s when I joined SJGR. I hope to be able to help people with the paranormal for years to come.”



Assistant Executive Coordinator of SJGR

Ron Smelia
SJGR and Sanctuary Paranormal Certified Investigator

Ron’s professional career is a Fire lead service tech and inspector. He has up to 7 years of working on paranormal investigation’s and research and is always looking to learn more. Ron found a interest in this field when he felt something spiritual around him and saw things he couldn’t explain. In his spare time Ron enjoys seeing his family and watching movies.



Special Investigations Coordinator

Maggie Tumasz
Palmyra, NJ
SJGR Certified Investigator

Maggie is a lifelong Burl Co, NJ resident. She has an Associates in Criminal Justice (part-time Police Officer in NJ, worked hospital security in Phila), has a Masters in Social Work, and has been a licensed Social Worker for about 22 years, mostly in healthcare.  Somewhat of a late bloomer to the paranormal, her fascination began about 15 years ago
watching paranormal TV shows. Has a particular interest in historic locations, and wanting to be a part of education and preserving history, and loves finding new places to investigate. In the past few years has also wanted to combine work experiences with home investigations.  Over the past several plus years has had paranormal experiences during investigations, and has also been questioning some unusual occurrences over the years in her personal life.

Hasan Trower
Mount Laurel NJ
SJGR and Sanctuary Paranormal Certified Investigator

Hasan is a New Jersey licensed massage therapist and certified Reiki Master/Teacher with his own business, Phoenix Fire Wholistics. A practicing pagan and ordained minister through the Universal Life Church Seminary, Hasan has over 15 years of experience in metaphysics and personal theological study. He is currently working on a medicinal herbalism certification. “I have been interested in the paranormal since I lost my mother at the age of nine; I would still see her at the foot of my bed and always wonder why. As I grew older I found that I could sense spirits, emotions, and impressions through sight touch, and proximity. I joined SJGR to help those who may have had similar experiences understand that not all paranormal experiences are scary.”

Public Relations Coordinator:

Sharon Vincz
Burlington, NJ
SJGR Certified Investigator

Sharon is currently working as a library director. She has a BS degree from the College of Charleston.  “I have always been interest in the paranormal since childhood.  This infatuation became heightened after experiencing a number of strange events in the historic locations that I worked.  SJGR had provided an opportunity for me to enhance my understanding of the paranormal and discern what is factual and what is supernatural. I can to use this knowledge to help others who have experience paranormal activity and are in pursuit to comprehend the unexplained.”

Amy Andrews
West Caldwell, NJ
SJGR and Sanctuary Paranormal Certified Investigator

Amy Andrews was raised in Caldwell, NJ and now resides in West Caldwell with her husband and their two children.  Amy has ten years of experience as a Corporate Travel Agent for American Express and ADP.  For the past eleven years she has worked as a Teacher’s Aide for Caldwell/West Caldwell School District.  Since 2015, Amy has been a member of different paranormal research organizations.  She has experience with a number of tools and technologies that assist in our investigations.  Amy’s primary goals are to help people in their time of need, and to continue to search for the truth within the paranormal field

Jacqueline Brown
Marlton, NJ
SJGR & Sanctuary Paranormal Certified Investigator

Jacqueline was born and raised in southern New Jersey, where she still resides. She attended university of the arts with a major in film & video, and a minor in religion and philosophy. Her interest in the paranormal began as a child, having experiences of her own, and became more interested when she began learning about all different types of religions and how it connects. During her free time, you can find her in an antique store, cooking, or enjoying the outdoors.

Kathleen Smith
Philadelphia, PA 
SJGR Certified Investigator

Kathy is a retired Police Officer. She holds a BA from Temple University in Biology, Associate Degrees from Philadelphia Community College in Anthropology and in Sociology. “I joined SJGR to satisfy my personal curiosity about the life after death and to help seek scientific proof that our existence continues after death of the body. I like visiting cemeteries, as I feel that the dead and our ancestors should be remembered and respected. Cemeteries contain a lot of history and are often the only reminder of once lived.”

Candice McGregor
Bridgeton, NJ
SJGR Certified Investigator

Candice is a therapist that has been working in the mental health field for over a decade. She has lived in 2 presumably haunted houses and likes to search areas that have been said to be haunted. She would like to help others by researching their location and assist individuals in understanding what is happening, as she continues to grow through researching the paranormal.

Leslie Lagani
Sanctuary Paranormal Consultant
Lanoka Harbor, NJ

“I was drawn into paranormal research to validate what I already know, that we don’t die. My area of interest is to utilize my mediumistic abilities to bridge the gap between us and the other side.  Hopefully acting as a  catalyst for spiritual growth and healing for those in both worlds.” Leslie’s special talent is helping clients to maintain a positive attitude and that helps lessen their fear.

Jayne Gradel
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ
SJGR Certified Investigator

Jayne has been interested in paranormal since having her own experience at a young age and wanting to learn more. She enjoys learning the history of the buildings, locations and events to understand what happened then and what’s happening now. She joined SJGR to investigate the field more and to help people and spirits to understand what they are experiencing. Jayne is a skater, surfer, and snowboarder.

Sharon Ockens
SJGR Certified Investigator

“I was drawn into paranormal research to validate what I already know, that we don’t die. My area of interest is to utilize my mediumistic abilities to bridge the gap between us and the other side.  Hopefully acting as a  catalyst for spiritual growth and healing for those in both worlds.” Leslie’s special talent is helping clients to maintain a positive attitude and that helps lessen their fear.

Michael Zeoli
Philadelphia PA
SJGR Certified Investigator

Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, Michael graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2008 with a degree in Medieval and Renaissance literature. He has worked at various positions in the Penn Libraries since the Fall of 1999, and currently works as a library assistant in the Lippincott Library of the Wharton School of Business. Reading William Peter Blatty’s novel The Exorcist at a young age inspired a lifelong interest in unexplained phenomena of all kinds. Since 2017, Michael has been a member of different paranormal organizations. He joined SJGR to learn more under the instruction of the legendary Dave Juliano. He hopes to gain a greater understanding of all kinds of paranormal phenomena, and to use that understanding to help others.



Katie McGough
Glassboro NJ
SJGR Certified Investigator






Janet McHugh
Barrington, NJ
SJGR Certified Investigator



Tim Becker
Honorary SJGR Member
Philadelphia, PA

Tim is a police officer. He also served 10 years active duty in the U.S. Air Force as a high voltage electrician. “I grew up in a 19th century plantation home in South Carolina that was quite active with paranormal activity. Since becoming a member of SJGR, I have a better understanding of the paranormal activity that I experienced growing up. I look forward to helping others ease  their minds about paranormal events that may be occurring in their lives”.




 To become a SJGR Certified Investigator, trainees must complete a minimum of the following:

  • Cemetery training investigation/restorations
  • Indoor investigation training investigations
  • Equipment training
  • Intro to Psychic Protection/Development/ Paranormal Self Defense training
  • EVP & ITC Training
  • Preternatural (Demonology) Introduction
  • Interviewing and Questionnaire Training
  • Additional classroom sessions
  • Score of at least an 80 on written test
  • Pass a practical exam
  • 3 months probationary period


Winter/Spring  2024 Trainees

Natalie Simpkins – Millville NJ

Zeb Coffman – Mt Laurel NJ

Tim Curtis – Mt Laurel

Alexandra Thompson – Philadelphia PA

Melissa Manvell – Beachwood NJ

Lisa Devanney – Pitman, NJ


– has attended indoor training

– has attended outdoor training

– has attended equipment training or classroom training

– has attended intro to psychic protection/development training

– has attended preternatural training

– has been given written tests or quizzes



Members In Memoriam:

Randy Niedt
Lou Gentile
Harry Thomas
Joe Moyer