SJGR and Sanctuary Paranormal welcome any individual (21 or older) who has an interest in helping people who need our assistance in their homes and businesses. We are research and assistance group as well as a resolution group trying to help the people who contact us cope with or resolve their situations if possible. Potential members will participate in researching and documenting haunted locations and do so with an open mind. Our main mission is to assist people in need of assistance with a haunting and educating the public about ghosts and our research. We do not discriminate against anyone’s personal theories and beliefs. We are all striving toward the same goal of learning about ghosts in an open minded environment.

We welcome new members who can attend meetings, research projects and investigations in New Jersey, Philadelphia and it’s suburbs, Delaware and the NYC area. Anyone who is willing to travel to locations in these areas for investigations on a regular basis welcome to apply for membership. We are looking for people who want to help those who need our assistance. We provide all the training necessary to get you started in the field for free. Our HQ is based in Burlington County NJ. The meetings and training will be in that area but the cases we handle are in the areas listed above.

As a member of SJGR, you will be trained to collect information such as audio and video documentation, photographic evidence, and eyewitness accounts as well as how to handle a variety of cases from the beginning stages through to the resolution stages.. Members then turn in evidence and reports to the group so that a case file can be created and the information we gather can be given to the people who have asked us for help.

Since Sanctuary Paranormal handles the extreme and negative cases we recruit from people who have gone through the SJGR training program and has been granted SJGR membership.

This is an excellent opportunity for someone who wishes to help people and to learn more about this field of research.

We are now taking applications for our Fall 2024 training class

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