The SJGR Cherry Ridge Cemetery Restoration Project

This cemetery is Cherry Ridge, long lost and forgotten, deep in the woods of a state park. SJGR was contacted by descendants interred there and we decided it needed some restoration. The grave stones were broken or buried and the plots were almost completely over grown. The project will conclude with a sign stating the name of the cemetery and the restoration work done by SJGR.


This is a “before” photo of the Mann family plot

This is a “before” photo of the Card family plot

Bruce Uhl clears away the high grass around the Mann plot.

Kerri Smith uncovers Lucinda Card’s buried grave stone.

Barbara Uhl uncovers more buried grave stones.

Bruce and Kerri uprighting all the fallen stones in the Mann plot.

Bruce is uncovering a base to a grave stone.

Kerri dusts the stone to reveal the name on it, Lucinda Card.

Bruce is unearthing the Card family grave stones.

The Card family stones finally being uprighted.